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  • Centralizer and normalizer — Normalizer redirects here. For the process of increasing audio amplitude, see Audio normalization. Centralizer redirects here. For centralizers of Banach spaces, see Multipliers and centralizers (Banach spaces). In group theory, the centralizer… …   Wikipedia

  • centralizer — noun see centralize …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • centralizer — See centralization. * * * …   Universalium

  • centralizer — noun a) A device used to centralize a piece of equipment. b) (of an element in a group) The set of elements of the same group which commute with the element. See also normalizer …   Wiktionary

  • centralizer — n. person or thing that draws toward a center; organizer …   English contemporary dictionary

  • centralizer — cen·tral·iz·er …   English syllables

  • centralizer — zə(r) noun ( s) 1. : an advocate or agent of centralization 2. : one that centralizes …   Useful english dictionary

  • centralize — centralizer, n. /sen treuh luyz /, v., centralized, centralizing. v.t. 1. to draw to or gather about a center. 2. to bring under one control, esp. in government: to centralize budgeting in one agency. v.i. 3. to come together at or to form a… …   Universalium

  • Classification of finite simple groups — Group theory Group theory …   Wikipedia

  • Fitting subgroup — In mathematics, especially in the area of algebra known as group theory, the Fitting subgroup F of a finite group G , named after Hans Fitting, is the unique largest normal nilpotent subgroup of G . Intuitively, it represents the smallest… …   Wikipedia

  • Deligne–Lusztig theory — In mathematics, Deligne–Lusztig theory is a way of constructing linear representations of finite groups of Lie type using ℓ adic cohomology with compact support, introduced by Deligne Lusztig (1976). Lusztig (1984) used these representations to… …   Wikipedia

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